I offer this editing and proofreading service for tertiary students in Australia who, because Australian English is not their first language, find it difficult to express their ideas fluently and correctly in written form.

If you are determined to improve your writing style in order to achieve better academic results, I will help you learn to edit and proofread your essays and theses. Let self-editing be your goal.

Michael Murphy, Editor and Teacher


Ordinarily, I would expect to receive your manuscript by email; I will return it, with suggested changes and comments, in the same way.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing involves ‘changing’ what you have written with particular regard to grammar, spelling and punctuation; proofreading is a way of ‘checking’ this word-for-word.
Some details of this type of editing, which we refer to as copy editing, are required to ensure correctness, consistency, accuracy and completeness.
Avoid plagiarism by learning to paraphrase well and always citing and referencing your sources.

We are guided by such publications as these:

  • National policy on editing theses: Council of Society of Editors and Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (2004)
  • Australian standards for editing practice (Second edition, 2012)
  • A guide to writing style and referencing provided by your tertiary institution
  • Style manual for authors, editors and printers (Sixth edition, 2002)
  • Macquarie Dictionary (Fifth edition, 2009).

 About Michael Murphy    



  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma in Teaching
  • Certificate in TESOL
  • Diploma of Religious Education
  • Diploma in Book Publishing and Editing.


Professional Memberships:

  • The Society of Editors (NSW) Inc.
  • Independent Education Union, NSW/ACT.

Writing Style 

Your writing style will improve as I help you deal confidently with such elements as these:
Compound words
Dot-point series
Effective language
Number agreement between nouns, verbs and pronouns
Sentence punctuation
Solutions to common blunders
Sentence structure
Word classes
Word spelling and punctuation